Interactive Whiteboard Trainings

Eno Interactive Whiteboard
Workshop Series

Day 1
August 6, 2014
Location:  111 South St.

Day 2
October 24, 2014
Location:  TBD

Registration Fee:  $150.00

Come join us in this 2-day hands-on workshop on how to use and implement the Eno Interactive Whiteboard in your classroom.  In day one, we will start from the basics of the pen, icon strip, and end with the basic tools EasiTeach Next Generation (ETNG) software.  Day 2 will consist of answering questions and going more in-depth with the ETNG software.

The ETNG software allows teachers to create engaging, interactive lessons to inspire 21st century learning.  Participants will leave each workshop with the tools and resources to use the Eno Interactive Whiteboard within their classroom.



Workshop Series 

Day 1
August 4, 2014
Location:  111 South St.

Day 2
October 27, 2014
Location:  TBD

Registration Fee:  $125.00

iPad for Educators

July 18, 2014
111 South St.
Claremont NH 03743
$449.00 includes iPad Mini 16GB
$150.00 without iPad Mini
Charles Gessner
Purchase orders or checks MUST be received by June 20, 2014

Payable to:

175 Broad St.
Claremont NH 03743

The iPad provides a wealth of possibilities for assistive technology with its brilliant graphics, audio and multi- touch interface. Participants in this workshop will learn about applications that make a difference for their students.


  • Understand iPad  basic navigation, native applications, and accessibility features
  • Discover the role of various applications in the special education classroom
  • Practice using iPad  as a personal learning device to improve student achievement
  • Download applications on the iPad
  • Synchronize your iPad  with your laptop (bring your laptop to the workshop – though not required)
  • Find resources available for the iPads

Introduction to the iPad 

  • Native Apps
  • Accessibility features
  • Safari as a resource for you and your students
  • Mail
  • Photos and help students use digital literacy
  • Notes, a simple but powerful word processor
  • See how the iPad  can improve reading fluency
  • Download and use Apps
  • iBooks, a most powerful tool for your students

Please note:  Participants should come with an iTune account already set up.

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Digital Posters

Creating Digital Posters with Your Students 

July 9, 2014
111 South Street
Registration fee:  $99.00 

Are you looking for a fun, engaging project for your students?  Do your students make old fashion paper posters?  Are you looking for something new?  This is the workshop for you! 

In this workshop, you will discover how to create a digital poster project with your students.  This platform allows students to link to websites, upload photos, and embed videos.   Teachers of any subject can have their students construct media rich digital posters.

At the end of this workshop, you will have the resources to develop a rubric, design a lesson plan, and create your own digital poster.

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